Customer Experience (CX) Workshop

Thursday, May 7, 2015

Customer Experience (CX) is on-topic right now but what does it actually mean for large businesses and organisations?

A Workshop About Customer Focus

During this two hour working session, three people with deep experience of this area will help you understand how to plan for and manage an ongoing customer experience engagement that helps you achieve increased customer satisfaction and deliver commercial objectives.

Siobhan Hennessy, Head of Customer Experience Management at Bank of Ireland will explore the 10 key focal areas that ensure your CX programme is a success while Séamus T. Byrne, Director of CX at Graphic Mint and Dermot Casey, Principal of Near Future will work with you to map out and visualise your CX strategy and eco-system.

Practical Knowledge
You’ll get hands-on experience about how to create a Customer Experience Strategy that works for your business.
Real World Applications
See how Customer Experience has transformed Irish Businesses for the better.


Delivering an Impactful Customer Experience Programme Across Complex Organisations and Markets: The 10 Deadly Sins

Through looking at best practices along with the application of more than 20 years working exclusively on customer experience and value proposition programmes across 8 different household brands, Siobhan will bring us through the pitfalls (and success factors) that contribute towards any company really achieving their goal of moving the customer dial and delivering on their brand promises. This includes smaller quick win approaches that will accelerate results along with longer term strategic deliverables.

Speaker: Siobhan Hennessy
Head of Customer Experience
Bank of Ireland

At Your Service! Making Customers Happier Through Experience Design

Are your customers satisfied with your offering? Do you know what their experiences with your business are like? What are the greatest obstacles they face with using your products and services?

Great Customer Experiences stem from changing your point of view to how your customers see the world. This is achieved by evaluating their journeys across your business, understanding their goals, and solving issues with empathy and good shopkeeping.

During this presentation Séamus Byrne from Graphic Mint will explain how principles and best practices of Service Design, Customer Experience and User Experience Design can be applied to transform to your business for the better.

Seamus Byrne
Speaker: Séamus Byrne
Director of Customer Experience
Graphic Mint

Building a Roadmap for a Successful Customer Experience Strategy

The digital transformation of businesses is accelerating. Many companies are disrupted by entirely predictable market changes they should have seen and are being held back by not focussing on the capabilities customers are demanding now and in the future.

Drawing on case studies and innovative practice this session will concentrate on mapping and building your Customer Experience Strategy and Vision. We’ll clarify the difference between Strategies, Missions, Visions. We’ll help you cut through waffle of marketing plans that vaguely position and distinguish the value of real customer experience-led approaches.

We’ll help you understand the gaps in your existing capabilities, where to start your Customer-Led journey, and how to start building your roadmap for delivery of a successful Customer Experience Strategy.

Speaker: Dermot Casey
Near Future

The Venue

Wood Quay Venue is a spectacular state-of-the-art conference venue featuring a stretch of the original Viking City Wall dating back from 1100AD.

CX Masterclass Speakers 

Siobhan Hennessy
Head of Customer Experience
Bank of Ireland

With over 20 years of professional experience within the area of Marketing, Siobhan has dedicated the last 10 years exclusively to Customer Experience programmes. 

Seamus Byrne
Séamus T. Byrne
Director of Customer Experience 
Graphic Mint

Séamus is a seasoned Customer and User Experience Designer who creates user friendly and customer-focused interactive experiences with products and services that make peoples lives better.
Dermot Casey
Near Future

Dermot is a Principal of Near Future and spent over 20 years changing businesses through strategy and technology, working with large multinationals and Startups. 

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